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Ball hockey a reality for Rec Complex

After a successful public meeting last week, the Dryden Ball Hockey Association announced they will launch a pilot league this summer at the Dryden Recreation Complex.
Acting president Andy McIsaac says they are looking to generate lots of interest and get a strong turnout.
“We are hoping to see strong registration in the coming weeks so we can offer a league for all age groups. We are encouraging everyone to sign up and then leagues and teams will be formed on the amount of interest.”
With a registration deadline of June 10, McIsaac says they are looking to get the league going by the end of June with as many age groups as they can get, from young kids to adults, and hold one to two games per team a week until the middle of August.
The league will operate according to the Ontario Ball Hockey rules, playing with five players and a goalie per side for two 25-minute running time periods. Running shoes, hockey sticks and helmets are required and masks must be worn for those 18 and under.
Those interested can sign up as a team of 10-15 players or sign up individually at the DARC office. Fees have not yet been finalized but the league is looking at roughly $50 per player to cover arena rentals, insurance and a jersey and ball for every player.
“This fee may fluctuate slightly based on uncontrollable factors but we want to make it as affordable as possible. We are not in this to make money; we want to offer a cheap alternative to hockey enthusiasts in Dryden.”
The league is also looking for volunteers to help with the league as well as referees and timekeepers.
High school students will also be able to collect volunteer hours for helping out.
Any questions may be directed to Andy McIsaac at 216-8072 or

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