Pinewood predicts the weather

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Pinewood Fine Arts program students bring Andy Johnson’s play ‘Cloud Nine’ to life, April 20. Photo by Ally Dunham

The curtains opened to a very creative and well-crafted set in the annual Pinewood School Fine Arts production.  This year’s play was “Cloud 9”, written by Andy Johnson.

Wednesday, April 20 saw the curtains open three times with the Grade seven students, and then an additional three times on April 21 with the Grade 8 students.
The surrounding schools were all invited to attend any of the six performances, and many parents, grandparents, friends and family came out to support their loved ones.
The synopsis of the play, is a weather station that has the ability to predict the weather perfectly every time.  “Cloud 9” can do just that.  They don’t predict the weather, they make it.  The only problem is that three local criminals have their eyes on “Cloud 9’s” prize.  Is the world headed for climate chaos or will someone save the day?
With a full cast from both grades, the students have been working for months on the production, and delivered a fabulous performance that entertained audiences with every line and every action.
By Ally Dunham

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