Barclay Dump Cats

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Over the last couple of years Second Chance Pet Network has run a Trap-Neuter-Release program at the town dump.  We feed the cats, having them get a bit used to us humans.  Eventually they are caught

Hurry up Ron, we’re hungry!

in a safe trap, brought to the vets to get fixed, and released back at the dump as they are too wild to keep.  The last year one of our voulnteers, Ron Stansfield has been doing it at the Barclay dump.  They have become quite used to him and as you can see in the picture on the left, are waiting for him to put the food he brought down on the ground so they can eat! He has a name for every one of them and proudly says that he is the only person around here running two cat-houses. 

Rest time.

On the right is a closer picture Ron took of some of the cats on one of the 2 cat houses made by the grade 9 class at Dryden High School.  During the winter, except for the opening, these houses are totally covered in snow.  Being already insulated with styrofoam, they are quite warm.  We don’t know how much time they spend in them though, as they already have other ‘homes’ somewhere at the dump.  Believe it or not, the vet says these cats are probably in better shape than some household cats are. Must be the variety in their food!
If anyone would like to volunteer their time in any way with Second Chance Pet Network, please call Anne at Triple F Pet Supply in Dryden at 223-3335 or dropin at 26 King street.

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