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City launches DMTS operational review

City of Dryden Mayor Craig Nuttall says the city is hiring a firm to launch a complete operational review of the Dryden Telephone department.“With the telephone now, there’s so much competition out there, that we really wanted to see that we’re in the ballpark, that we’re doing things the way we should be doing them,” said Nuttall.  “I know the service is getting better, and I think it would be helpful for the telephone people.”Nuttall says the telephone staff are very hardworking, but a little guidance might help.“They are going to look at the financial, the operational, the whole picture,” says Nuttall.  “Other departments are doing internal reviews themselves to see where we can save money, but none of us know a lot about telephone technical things, and it’s wise for us to bring someone in that has experience with this.”The firm hired from Toronto will cost the city approximately $70,000.Nuttall says the revenue filtered back into the city on an annual basis is just over a million dollars, with this year’s dividends at $1.25 million.With all budgets and financials reported at in-camera meetings, Nuttall stated the figures will most likely never be made public due to concern of competitive markets gaining access to the company’s financials.“With a separate corporation like that, if figures go out to our competition, I think it might jeopardize our position, so it’s something that we have to keep close to our vest,” relayed Nuttall.  “I personally would like to release some of the figures, but we can’t because it’s confidential.”By Ally Dunham

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