Shelter Off to Good Start

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Late Monday afternoon, Second Chance Pet Network got the word from Pepsi that we will be getting the $100,000 grant for the shelter. $50,000 in April and the rest  in August. Finally some good news! Now the big decisions regarding the type and plan for a building have to be made in a short time as we have to start building this summer. We will also have to do a lot of serious fund-raising in order to raise the $150,000 more we need to complete all that we would like to build.

A big thank you goes to CKDR and the Dryden Observer for helping us from the beginning, and to ALL OF YOU who voted for us in the Pepsi Refresh Project. To have made it after the third try was  really quite amazing.

Once we have  plans for the new shelter done, we will be posting a copy at the downtown location for you to see.  We have a temporary plan posted right now but I’m sure that will change once we decide on the building.

We continue to run the Brick-by-Brick campaign and we have just started a Dough Raiser fundraiser with Domino’s Pizza. For $20 you get a card with 2 certificates for $15 off any regular menu priced order, and another with a number on it that allows you to buy a pizza and get another one FREE over and over again until it expires in March 2012. Heck of a deal.  Right now they can be purchased  at Triple F on 26 King Street in Dryden, and from a few SCPN volunteers. 

If you would like to make a donation stop in at Triple F or online at Second Chance Pet Network’s website and King’s facebook page using PayPal.

1 comment on “Shelter Off to Good Start

  1. Linda Truderung

    This is awesome! I am so happy that The Second Chance Pet Network got it. We have needed a shelter like this, for such a long time.
    I am now doing my happy dance!


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