Observer Poll #4 Nuclear waste disposal in the Northwest

This week’s Dryden Observer Community Poll is hoping to draw out some local opinions on the issue of burying nuclear waste in Northwestern Ontario, a topic that has occupied newspaper pages in the Northwest for over three decades. Last week a third municipality in the Northwest, the hard-hit town of Red Rock, joined Ignace and Ear Falls in enter into a process through which the Nuclear Waste Management Organization would consider their community as a potential site for a deep geological repository — a large-scale infrastructure project costing in the order of $6 billion.

More background on the issue can be found by clicking here, and here.

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1 comment on “Observer Poll #4 Nuclear waste disposal in the Northwest

  1. Greg Johnson

    Are we a 3rd world country in this area for them to dump errors and problems from the nuclear users and drop it here ? I firmly say forget it. Do we not in our areas provide enough clean Hydro by water dams in the north. Why should we sent clean hydro out of region and pay very high rates then get a return of radioactive trash to store underground to then to leak out into our water tables ? Solar and wind farms appear to be a minor solution to our consumpsion requirement. Greg J


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