OBSERVER POLL: Should we pay a municipal cultural planner?

In anticipation of the passage of the city budget in mid-March, this week’s burning question is whether or not you think the city should include funds for a Municipal Cultural Planner on the city of Dryden payroll.  Don’t forget to hit the Facebook tab at the bottom of the post to help spread the word to your friends.
A little background on the issue can be found here, as well as here.

The results of last week’s Movie Night in Dryden poll can be found here, or on the Editorial page of this week’s Observer.

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1 comment on “OBSERVER POLL: Should we pay a municipal cultural planner?

  1. Chuck Schmitt

    The Cultural Plan is a great framework for moving Dryden forward as a progressive community; our changing demographic and the economic and enhanced lifestyle benefits associated with cultural planning are key. It is unfortunate as it appears there will be little room in the Municipal budget for moving the plan forward. We’re going to lose the experience and knowledge of our key resource person (Gwen Kurz) as a result and the Cultural Round Table members will be limited in what they can achieve.


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