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Paying it forward in community

In December, the 2010 Centennial Committee, under guidance of Mary Helie, requested the surplus of funds from the Centennial celebrations of approximately $28,000 be put toward the “Pay It Forward” campaign.
A resolution will be put forward at the Jan. 17 Open Council meeting to grant the initially requested $20,000 in seed money to four events, with the remaining $8,000 to be given to MooseFest to assist with their summer festival.
At the Jan. 10 Committee of the Whole meeting, mayor and council agreed that the seed money requested of $5,000 per event for Rockin’ the River, Oktoberfest, Arena Dance and Children’s Street Fair should be supported, but the remaining $8,000 is where there was some mixed feelings.
The remaining funds were proposed to be split into $4,000 for Air Show related donations, and $4,000 to be used towards gateway signage for the community.
City Manager, Arie Hoogenboom brought forward three options in his report to council at the meeting, including giving the remaining $8,000 to the MooseFest Committee, to assist in their month-long festival, putting the entire $8,000 towards gateway signage as the proposed signs come with a very large price tag, or replying to a request for $9,500 from the Dryden Centennial Running Club.
There was plenty of discussion around the Running Club, and although a worthy cause, council felt that by granting funds to that group, the other sport groups around the community could all begin requesting an equivalent value.
The gateway signs are definitely a want for the community, but members of council felt it would best be used to put back into a celebration and festival, which is where the money came from to begin with.

By Ally Dunham

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