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Local men see RCMP gun charges

Further to an investigation by the Brandon Police Service (BPS), Canadian Firearms Program (CFP), and National Weapons Enforcement Support Team (NWEST), two Dryden residents have compiled a multitude of charges.
A 70-year old male of Dryden was charged with one count of Possession of a Prohibited Weapon for the Purpose of Trafficking as a result of an investigation at the Brandon Gun and Hobby Show on Sunday, December 12, 2010.
A 71-year old male has received 66 charges.  Also a licensed firearms dealer in Ontario, he has compiled four counts of Unauthorized Possession of a Firearm Knowingly, six counts of Possess Prohibited or Restricted Firearm in an Unauthorized Place, 24 counts of Unauthorized Possession of a Prohibited Weapon, one count of Trafficking a Prohibited Weapon, 25 counts of Possession of a Prohibited Weapon for the Purpose of Trafficking and six counts of Transfer a Firearm Without Authority.
The men were found to be trafficking in spring-loaded knives, which are prohibited under provisions of the Criminal Code. They were arrested without incident from the gun show and taken into custody by BPS officers.
A large quantity of firearms, knives, ammunition, and cash were seized from the two individuals who had reserved tables to be a part of the show. Further investigation showed that the 71-year old man, had illegally transported and possessed restricted and prohibited firearms within Manitoba in the past.
Following the seizure of the weapons at the Brandon Gun Show, DPS were issued a warrant to search the Park Cresc. home of the older male, where many additional firearms and weapons were seized, which resulted in the additional 11 charges locally.
Both men were released and are currently awaiting court in February.

By Ally Dunham

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