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Police service chief retiring

After almost ten years as Chief of the Dryden Police Service, and a member of the Dryden force since 1981, Chief Shayne MacKinnon is announcing his retirement.
He will be working to assist the Dryden Police Service Board in finding a replacement, and will work with the new Chief until April 30, 2011.
“I have had the rare good fortune of working in a job that I love in my own home town for all of my adult life. This profession is filled with challenges and rewards but it is the officers and civilian employees past and present that make this job special,” says MacKinnon.  “Every one of our officers leaves their home and family and goes to work, knowing that they may have to lay down their life in the protection of a member of this community, the civilian staff know that what they do may make the difference between life and death. They are all heroes in my eyes and I am very proud to work with such people in all police services for thirty years.”
Chair of the Dryden Police Services Board, Bill Hovi, indicated that MacKinnon had submitted his resignation in April of 2010, giving the Board a year’s notice of his departure.
“We are grateful for the significant contributions made by Chief MacKinnon during his career-long tenure with Dryden Police Services. His commitment to serving our City has always been a priority and for this, we thank him deeply”.
Hovi added, “The Board is in the process of taking the next steps in a search for Chief MacKinnon’s replacement. We are also aware that with most recent municipal election results, there may be new Police Service Board members appointed by the City. We hope to bring any/all new members up to speed so that we can begin to work through a comprehensive and thoughtful hiring process.”
Hovi says the Board will hire an outside consultant to assist with finding a replacement for MacKinnon, as the existing Board does not hold the expertise needed to make this type of decision.
MacKinnon has seen many changes in the Dryden Police over his nearly thirty years of service. A hometown boy he began his career in 1981 when he applied for the job as a personal challenge as he “didn’t like authority” and wanted to see if he could cope with a regimented lifestyle.
There were a number of extraordinary and unusual cases that the Chief remembers, including investigating a series of arsons in the late eighties and an individual who intentionally cut his arm off under a moving train as the arm was possessed by the devil.
MacKinnon went on to say that he was very thankful to have the support of the Dryden Police Services Board, a great Mayor and Council and a law abiding Community.

By Ally Dunham

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