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Iron Man 2

As most sequels go, Iron Man 2 has a little to be desired.  With few action scenes to keep the audience compelled and interested, Iron Man 2 is made up of a lot of dialogue and pretty women.
Although, the graphics, special effects (when they appear) and the set designs are worth the money Marvel put into this movie, the acting and storyline was below par.
As this movie was publicly stated to be “rushed”, it still holds true to the Iron Man original.  With Robert Downey Jr. returning as Tony Stark, we find at the beginning that Stark has publicly announced his super-hero status.  The United States Government finds this information very interesting, and is demanding that Stark share his secrets, which of course he refuses.
The original cast lineup is back, with only one character change, and a couple new faces.  The beautiful Scarlett Johansson enters the cast as the Black Widow, Natalie Rushman, and will leave all the men in the audience drooling over her in her tight black outfit.
Another new face is Samuel L. Jackson, taking on the role of Nick Fury, who reminds Marvel Comic fans that the long awaited Avenger movie will be sought after upon it’s make and release.
Jon Favreau directed Iron Man 2, as with the first in the sequel, and portrayed the movie in Favreau style.  Choosing the original cast is always the best way to go, although fans were pleasantly surprised by the arrival of Don Cheadle playing Lt. Col. James “Rhodey” Rodes.  Replacing Terrence Howard from the original, Rodes plays Stark’s best friend and a front man for the Government.
Gwyneth Paltrow does a fabulous job as Stark’s assistant, Pepper Potts, and finds herself promoted to CEO of Stark Industries early in the movie.  Potts takes the role very seriously, as Stark has never stepped up to the plate and run the company as it should have been.
With all the characters in line, the movie begins with Potts’s promotion, and her confusion at the depleting state of health with Stark.  Rushman creates some drama among the ladies, but as always, Potts is the lady of the house.
With few fight scenes to keep the audience engaged, the movie doesn’t lead into the action until almost half hour in.  Even then, the “action” is second rate at best.  The second action scene doesn’t arise until close to the end of the movie but is worth waiting for.
Overall, Iron Man 2 is worth watching for all the Marvel fans out there, but definitely second rate to the original.  I guess that’s par for the course with any sequel, but this movie had much higher expectations than delivery.  Hopefully when the Avengers comes out, fans will have more to work with.

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