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Get Him to the Greek

Here’s a movie that has made me question everything I thought I knew.
For example, I never thought I would be praising Sean ‘P. Diddy’ Combs for anything. And against all better judgment I think Russell Brand is a true artist.
To best understand where Get Him To The Greek, comes from, one must travel back in their DVD rental history to 2008’s expectation-surpassing comedy Forgetting Sarah Marshall.
This Jason Segel vehicle introduced a handful of characters that has re-emerged several years down the timeline in Segel’s newest film.
In Get Him To The Greek, one of those characters, notorious rock star Aldous Snow, has been languishing in a drug-fueled career death-spiral since the release of his insipid album African Child.
When mid-level record company lackey Aaron Green (Jonah Hill) comes up with an idea to resurrect Snow’s career with a anniversary concert, Green is given 72 hours to collect Snow from the UK and get him to the stage of L.A.’s Greek Theatre.
Hilarity ensues in the style of most Judd Apatow produced comedies — each scene more shocking and bizarre than the last.
P. Diddy (I can’t believe I’m actually writing this) is worth the price of admission alone, though he plays a secondary to role to Jonah Hill who proves he can anchor a movie as well as any overweight, funny-looking comedian.
Get Him To The Greek is painfully funny, deliciously inappropriate and a bright star among an otherwise dull field of new releases.
Keep the kids far away from this one.

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