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Dryden residents to form new tennis group

Roughly fifteen people came to the Dryden Recreation Complex on Thursday, September 16 to discuss the future of tennis in Dryden.
With Dryden’s only tennis court being demolished due to the new subdivision that has been developed in North Dryden, a temporary tennis court has been placed in Milestone Skating Rink.
The local tennis players feel this is not a suitable long term arrangement, and have come together to figure out the viability of having new courts built in the city.
With suggestions of building a dream facility of six courts, ideas of location were bounced around the room.  Included were another site in North Dryden, as well as the Sandy Beach recreation area, and the old soccer field also at Sandy Beach.
Bill Latham, Director of Community Services for the City of Dryden was on hand for the meeting, and says the city will back the project in any way they can.
Latham says the City has the ability to access funding through the provincial and federal government and will be on board to support the new tennis facility.
Brian Eschbach, organizer of the tennis meeting, was present at Registration Night, held in early September at the arena.  One of his primary goals that evening was to deliver surveys to as many people as possible, offering a potential prize for one person when the surveys were tallied.
Eschbach had 190 surveys filled out, and of those, 68 per cent have some sort of racquet at home for one of the string sports, and 73 per cent of those responders have played tennis at least once in their life.
Looking towards the schools for support, Eschbach says contact has been made with the Keewatin-Patricia District School Board regarding adding tennis to their curriculum, and ideas of teaching progressive tennis to the younger kids is part of the plan.
A group of residents who attended the meeting have put their name forward to assist in forming a committee to ensure the future of tennis in Dryden, and look toward “the dream” of six or more courts being constructed in the city.
“We are looking for people who want to help with getting the courts built, but we also want to include people who want to see tennis advance in Dryden,” says Eschbach.
The next meeting is to be held on Thursday, October 14 at 7:00 pm in the Dryden Recreation Complex.

By Ally Dunham

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