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New school construction on schedule

The new Dryden elementary school is taking shape quite nicely.  With construction on schedule, the facility is still set to open for September 2011.

Construction continues on site, and the new building is expected to be closed-in within four to six weeks.
Keewatin-Patricia District School Board staff say that construction crews and Riverview School staff continue to work together to ensure the safety of all students and staff as well as maintaining a limited disruption to the neighbourhood.
There are new traffic patterns around the school this fall and school bus pick-up and drop-off will now be on school property, rather than on the street.
Other changes recommended by the traffic committee and passed by mayor and council at the July 19 open council meeting include the installation of three new stop signs at the intersection of Earl Ave. and Davis St., and the installation of a painted crosswalk on the east side of the intersection of Earl and Davis, encouraging parents to drop off students along Earl Ave. and to utilize the sidewalk system on Earl to cross Davis St. at a controlled intersection to access the school.
The city will also be adding a No Stopping restriction to the north side of Davis St. in the area of the bus turn in/turn out access point to ensure a safe turning area, as well as adding several No Parking restrictions on the north and south sides of Davis Street to allow only for the standing of a vehicle momentarily to pick-up or drop-off students. By Ally Dunham

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