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New pharmacist brings family from Kenya

Dryden has recently seen the arrival of a new pharmacist at Wal-Mart.

Coming to Canada a year and a half ago from Kenya, Justus Maina finished his internship in Toronto, receiving accreditation in Canada.
“It’s a different experience all together from what happens on the other side of the province. It’s a smaller community where almost everybody knows everybody” says Maina.
“It is quite a different thing from Toronto where you basically don’t even know who your neighbour is.”
Maina had to complete four months of education at the University of Toronto, and needed to get acquainted with the Canadian pharmacy practices.
He is now posted to Dryden Wal-Mart pharmacy for the next two years.
Although the medicinal differences from Toronto to Dryden are minimal, the adjustment from Kenya to Canada has been a big one for Maina.
“In Kenya, we worry about malaria, but you can’t get that here,” relays Maina.
“There is not as much high blood pressure, not as much cholesterol in Kenya but something like deworming is not something that you would experience here.”
Maina does say that the people of Dryden are much more patient that those of the big city.  He claims people in Dryden are more likely to drop off their prescriptions, return a day later, and take the time to discuss any side effects or things of that nature.
The 33 year old pharmacist is enjoying his time spent in Dryden, and has spent his first weeks learning about life in Northwestern Ontario.
“I went fishing my very first week, although I didn’t catch anything!” jokes Maina.
Although Maina’s wife was a practicing lawyer in Kenya, she has relocated to Dryden and is taking her accreditation exams to be licensed in Canada as well.
Maina is enjoying the small town life, and the Dryden area, but is unsure what the future may hold for him until a little further down the road.  Although thouroughly enjoying life in Dryden, Maina admits his future is also dependent upon his wife’s career as well. By Ally Dunham

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