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Hot Tub Time Machine: exceeds low expectations

With John Cusack playing the lead role of Adam, you would think it would be a great movie.  Well, it left a little to be desired, although it delivered in the comedy department.
Three friends that are down on their luck, decide to take a little vacation to their old stomping grounds of the ’80s.  Heading to their winter resort party central of their younger days, friends Adam, Nick (Craig Robinson), Lou (Rob Corddry) and Adam’s nephew Jacob (Clark Duke) head on a journey filled with surprise.
As they arrive at the once thriving resort, the men find it to be a run down dump in the current year.  Deciding to stay anyway, the group figures a night of laughs, alcohol and a hot tub might be just what the doctor ordered for their turbulent lives.
With Adam having been dumped by his girlfriend, Nick with a job that is going nowhere and a cheating wife, and Lou living as a suicidal alcoholic, the men needed a break.  Jacob has an addiction to video games and never leaves his basement abode to see the real world or the sun.
As the group enters the hot tub, a spilled drink on the controls reveals the true use of the tub, which is a time machine.  The men are sent back to 1986 to a night that holds traumatic and dangerous memories for all of them.
With many references to the ’80s hit, Back To The Future, the movie carries us through many of the age-old situations when watching time travel unfold.  Not wanting to change history, running into old friends and enemies, finding a loved one was once a drunk or overly promiscuous, making sure the love that existed and is meant to be continues to the future, and ensuring that the ones who were meant to be born, are still born, such as Jacob.  All of the classics of the time travel world are included in this comedy.
With some interesting appearances by actors such as Crispin Glover as Phil, a bellhop for the hotel, who gives us a comedic storyline all on its own through the entire movie.
Another guest star on this film is Chevy Chase who pops in and out of the movie as the hot tub repairman.  With a fairly non-descript role in this movie, he still lends some of his unorthodox humor to the movie.
Not a movie I would run out and buy, but worth watching for some of the simple, mindless, classic ’80s humor.

By Ally Dunham

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