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Recreation Complex renovation plans

With proposed upgrades waiting in the wings for the Dryden Recreation Complex, we will see some plans put into place as early as next month.

The City of Dryden has awarded the contract to JML Engineering Ltd. of Thunder Bay to undertake the renovation engineering services for the project, with a price tag of just under $270,000.
Although the city has only received funding enough to complete the engineering stage of phases one and two, the complex will then be “shovel ready” when future funding opportunities present themselves.
Phase one renovations are to include the addition of a new 10 m x 61 m building along the north end of arena #2 to include four new change rooms/washrooms and a storage/workshop area.  The facility will also get primary core mechanical and electrical upgrades to heating, hot water and ventilation systems.
Phase two will include the renovation of the two levels of existing change rooms and washrooms located between arena #1 and arena #2.  The current change rooms would be converted into 6 multi-purpose change rooms.  All change rooms would be able to be opened up with an adjacent change room to create a larger, combined room. The second floor would be modified to accommodate interconnected change rooms as well as rooms for various user groups and a staff room.
Phase three has not received funding yet, but the proposed renovations for this will include the first storey in the main central lobby and administration office area, the addition of a second storey, and the provision of a family change room in the pool.
Engineering plans are expected to be complete by the end of September 2010, and the city will then be prepared to start construction when the next available funding is applied for and received.

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