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GALLERY: Dryden Centennial Air show

Chris Marchand

Chris Marchand served as editor of the Dryden Observer from August 2009 to April 2018.

Check out our gallery of images from the weekend below.

Thousands of people crowded the airport over the weekend to see the unique flying styles of the CAF Snowbirds and some spectacular flying by the A-10 East Demonstration Team.

The Snowbirds flew into town during the week and gave Dryden and the surrounding area a taste of what they can do with some tight formation flying over the area.

An excited buzz filled the air at the Dryden Regional Airport as people set up chairs and blankets on the lawn and walked among the planes on the airstrip for show. Kids and adults alike got to take pictures in a Snowbird cockpit, the MNR water bombers and a WWII North American B25 Mitchell Bomber.

A special guest graced Dryden with his presence for the third time in 18 months. Prime Minister Stephen Harper, accompanied by MP Greg Rickford and Mayor Anne Krassilowsky, kicked off the airshow with a congratulatory speech on Dryden’s centennial before moving on to the Domtar mill for a federal announcement.

When the show got underway, the crews pulled out all the stops to put on an amazing show that kept all eyes on the skies as pilots performed barrel rolls, sharp turns and steep climbs and dives with the B51 airplanes and fly-bys by the Miss Mitchell herself.

Then, the ugliest bird of them all took to the skies. The A-10, also known as the Warthog, showed off some spectacular acrobatics and demonstrated the intense power of the cannon strapped to its belly.

Fire lit up the runway before a huge wall of flame erupted along the tarmac with heat that could be felt from the concession stands at the far end of the lawn.

The Ministry of Natural Resources then showed their talents as two CL-415s, affectionately known as the Super Scoopers, scooped up water and doused out the pyrotechnics.

To end off the day, the CAF Snowbirds took to the sky to perform the aerial maneuvers they are famous for. The nine planes held a tight formation, four feet apart, as they left heart shaped smoke trails and ribbons to support our troops painted across the sky.

Two Snowbirds demonstrated great trust as they flew head first towards each other before turning at the last second for an extremely close fly-by while the rest of the team appeared from behind the audience for another breathtaking move.

After the show, the pilots were available for autographs and were guests at the airshow dance at the Dryden Memorial Arena Saturday night.

Another beautiful day on Sunday attracted more people to the show, making the first Dryden Centennial event a huge success.

By Sarah Madussi

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  1. Great pictures of the airshow and festivities – I understand that some were some photos taken of Prime Minister Harper with local seniors including Jim and Agatha Pateman, as well as local youngsters. Thank you!

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