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Northwestern Ontario now a restricted fire zone

Areas in Northwestern Ontario affected by the FRZ

The Ministry of Natural Resources declared a restricted fire zone in much of Northwestern Ontario to reduce the risk of human-caused wildfires.

Effective 12:01 a.m. on Friday, April 23, the restricted fire zone is in place and will remain in effect until conditions improve. The fire hazard is extreme because of unusually dry spring conditions, which have resulted in increasing forest fire activity. The long-term weather forecast offers no relief in the form of significant precipitation.

Under the restricted fire zone, all burning permits are suspended and all open fires are prohibited. Campfires may be allowed at some organized campgrounds or parks that use approved fire pits and meet certain other criteria.

Campers should check with the owners or operators first. Within the restricted fire zone area, people can still use portable gas stoves for cooking and warmth but the public is asked to exercise extreme caution. Ministry fire staff and conservation officers will strictly enforce the restrictions on open burning.

City of Dryden residents are reminded that during the RFZ, all open air burning is not permitted. This ban includes all Dryden By-laws for campfires, outdoor fireplaces, open flame torches, appliances and devices.

One thought on “Northwestern Ontario now a restricted fire zone

  1. It is pretty wet where I am in South Gillies so possibly the restricted fire zone is not accurate and is just a blanket attempt in exchange of real evaluation where the restrictions should Be. But that don’t surprise me in the least.

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