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Students run bottle drive for Guatemalan school

The Schools Building Schools students are moving towards their goal of $15,000 raised to help build a school in Guatemala.
The group of DHS students has been raising money in various fundraisers and is about to launch their third major fundraiser of the year.
The group is hosting a bottle drive on Feb. 20 to help raise money for the much needed school in Guatemala. Residents in the Dryden area are asked to save up their empty liquor bottles until Feb. 20, then have them ready to be picked up by the SBS students.
The students will return them to the liquor stores in exchange for the money for each bottle. Anyone interested in having their bottles picked up can contact Sandra Boyko at 223-4335.
The team has also organized two other successful fundraisers since the beginning of the school year. A few months ago, the group launched Access Denied, blocking off a number of washrooms and staff rooms off in the school and asking for donations for students and staff to use them.
It was a reminder of what students in Guatemala have to go through every day in their current school and overall, the students were willing to participate. They bought tickets and gave donations in order to use the washrooms and in turn, the SBS group raised $284.56 in just one school day.
Christmas caroling was also on the fundraising list over the Christmas holidays, which saw the generous residents of Dryden donate $474.50.
The SBS students will be hosting more fundraisers as the school year goes on and hopes to achieve their goal by June. Students involved in the campaign around the region will be chosen to visit Guatemala and observe their hard earned dollars being used to build a brand new school.

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